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Sunday, 26 May 2019 // 12:56 pm

Doujima! I've heard that it's THE convention to booth at, and THE convention to go for any merch, but I've always taken what others say with a bucket of salt before I actually experience it.

It was more than I expected.

Set up was easy thanks to the organizers behind the event - completely fuss-free. The event itself was filled with old friends, new people, and a lot of laughter! I had a ton of fun, and I can't wait to be back next year :) hopefully with new merchandise to share! I'm so amazed at the amount of creative minds and constantly impressed by what others are capable of.

The hype energy was pretty high even though most of us were exhausted from manning the booth.

our humble booth! Baka Rin being cute. Spot the new R6 stickers Recruit, Valkyrie & Mute!

 first day: high school uniform // second day: monochrome

 cutest shocked pikachu pin from Kagure, heh! 

So I have some news to announce - I'll be stopping cosplay. 

I've dabbled in cosplay in my teens, but I never fully got into it until the tail end of 2017. I only got into it because I was interested in dance, and Baka Rin, my lovely friend, asked me to fill in for a group that was aiming to film a Love Live! dance. I agreed, and baaaaaam - fast forward a year I'm closet-deep in costumes! (actually they're outside my closet because there's no space RIP)

The main reasons I want to stop are the usual - money and time. I have other things I want to pursue and cosplay is taking up a lot of time and money. I'll still be dancing of course, because that's what got me into cosplay in the first place! I
I've made a lot of new friends and had a lot of fun experiences that turned into memories I'll keep for a lifetime. But, not trying bring any gloom and doom, as always... things end, especially good things. I enjoyed being a character, wearing interesting outfits, and entering a different 'persona'. We've had a good run, cosplay. It's not perma goodbye though - I think I'll still get a kick out of dressing up for Halloween/Christmas or whatever miscellaneous events, but no more conventions or shoots! 

Now, it's back to working on other aspects of my life.I'll probably still be boothing, and I'm working on something (I keep saying that but it's true, always werkin' amirite), so keep an eye out :)

Whoever is still sticking around reading this... thank you. Sometimes I wonder why I keep this space running, hah. Hoarder IRL and ONLINE.

Till the next post, which will likely be after Cosfest 2019!

Monday, 31 December 2018 // 1:57 am

A new year is approaching, always faster than I anticipated.

I always believed that in life you're always constantly learning, but for some reason at the start of this year, I thought it'll be a year that I won't learn much. I already know a lot, don't I? (cue ignorance and arrogance) I thought I knew how the world worked and how I worked.

Anddd of course, what follows arrogance eventually is a tight slap of reality to the face. 

I've learnt to let go, to be a little more free, to be kinder, to know my worth, to chase the things that matter, to never shortchange myself - not for anyone, or anything. I thought I knew all these things, but I had to be reminded again by things that happened.

Both the good, and the bad. 

This year had the biggest impact on my career choice as well. I don't know what that might be yet - 'career' feels like an adult word to me, still! But now, I have a new option. But with options, come choices, and I'm still wavering a little. I'm not exactly sure what I'll end up with, but I do have some sort of plan in mind... I think. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To reference Game of Thrones, I knew nothing - and I still know nothing. That's the beauty of it to be honest. I've learnt so much in 2018, and there's still more to learn in the coming years.

Heh, I guess I'll have to see what 2019 has in store. 

Sunday, 11 November 2018 // 12:00 am

Another birthday!

Why do they come every year?

Man, time baffles me.

I like November. It's a good month. Day of the Dead happens this month - a festival that is slowly becoming one of my favourites. Not because the decorations and themes are so gorgeous, but because of the significance behind why it's celebrated. To honour, regale their stories and legends, and to celebrate the lives of the ones living past and now. In the end, before we /leave/, we just want to be remembered.

It made me reflect on the mortality of us, which brings me to the topic of... dun dun, my birthday! I'm writing this just 2 days before, so I'm not yet a year older, but I figured I wouldn't have time to write it on the day.

Every year on my birthday I'm reminded by the people around me how lucky I really am, and how easy it is to take for granted what I have. Especially since I am such a terrible texter - I swear, it's a miracle I have any one left who replies me.

I have an excuse for this! I just can't multi-task very well! When I am occupied by something, I find it tough to shift my attention away (such as, texting when I'm at home - do you know how distracting everything is at home?! I have so many games collecting digital dust in my Steam library!). So forgive me, friends and family. It's never personal unless you knowingly offended me.

End digression.

Looking back at the past years of my life I realize that I've changed plenty - I don't know if it's for better or worse, but I'm hoping it's the former because I cringe so hard thinking about how I used to be. I've learnt - and I am still learning, not to take things, time, and people for granted. To enjoy the present and embrace the future, no matter what trials and tribulations it may bring. I used to fear living fearlessly and now the fear is a little less, and a little more 'do it now'. And, I kinda like it.

Okay, before this turns into a gross inspirational #findyourself birthday message type of shit, I wanna put it out there that sometimes I still think life sucks and that the entire world is out to get me(semi-jokingly). Sometimes you have to do shit you don't want to but will benefit you - though you really don't want to. Sometimes you gotta do things that will hurt you, but you know it's better for yourself if you do.

Most times, you just gotta learn to deal with it and tackle it when it comes.

Of course I allow myself some moping time. I'm not a robot. I try not to mope for too long even if IT IS good material for writing - very detrimental to health.

Sometimes ya just gotta mope to cope.
Then you can get back-le to tackle.

Woooooow am I a writer yet.

Jokes aside... going back to people being remembered - the days up till this birthday, and perhaps even before that, I've been contemplating the purpose of my life... and the days up till my death. Am I afraid of death? Kind of. I'm afraid that I won't be able to do all the things I can, to absorb all of life, before I go.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been through this so-called quarter-life/mortality crisis. What is the point, if we are all born to die? Why do we live? I still don't know. Maybe I'll never know, and maybe that's okay. As long as I have things I want to do and dreams I want to fulfill, I'll be alright. Faith, dust, and pixiedust, amirite?

The places I will goooooo!On to my next year(with a pinch of trepidation).

Bring it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, me.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018 // 6:20 pm

Seems like I've semi-abandoned this space, hah.
Same old excuse: busy - busy with work, social activities and videogames!

Mostly work though - the past three months have been hectic as hell. Not to say it's unrewarding, but it definitely takes a toll on my time and mental health if I let it.

Because of how busy I am with work + after work activities (exercise, arts, gaming - to relax), I haven't had the time or energy to work on my own personal projects. I'm a little disappointed because I really wanted to embark on a writing journey this year - a personal one, but I'm now on the professional route of the journey.

After the busy period I'll have more time, so I'll see what I can kick start then!

Meanwhile, here's Food Fantasy fan art I drew for conventions:

Black Tea, Milk, and Sanma! 
Maaan, I was so addicted to this game for a while! But as I am with all mobile games, I get bored of them after some time and abandon them... like how I abandoned this blog opps. I log in once every 2 weeks? xD Like how I post here once in half a year RIP

Might draw more for EOY heh. I'll do up a STGCC/Gamestart postn when it's over... maybe. xD

Till next time!

Monday, 30 April 2018 // 6:05 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm back again, way too infrequently, haha. Not surprisingly, after I started my new job I find myself caught between responsibilities and downtime. However, in the way that I organize my values, the line between the two is rather thin. Which means that in my downtime I tend to feel responsible to do the things I feel like I need to do instead of actually having any downtime at all!

So I've been working on a few things besides managing my sanity: a short story (surprise, surprise) for Mother's Day, more prep for Cosfest and also... Aerial Hoop! What's that?! Well, it's what it is. Hooping in the air. It's pretty niche but very, very fun and challenging! I've been attending classes for over 2 months now and I still feel like there's a ton to learn and skills to hone.

My cosplays have been slow recently what with work, social life, other commitments taking priority. The most recent one would be... Fanart Qipao version! Did a mini-shoot at home for Chinese New Year. As always, credits to my sister for the photos! More will be up soon when we actually do the video and photoshoot. By we I mean my Tracer and Mei c: Heheheh!

Hanzo from my Caféwatch series is done! I'll see if I have some time to churn another design out but if not, the 5 completed ones will go to print for Cosfest 2018!

In other, personal news -

I'm trying to balance work and some semblance of a social life, as mentioned. I've recently attended the Madcatter's Pawty - a fundraising event to help the Cat Museum set up shop again (since their lease is up)! I got my burning question answered in the form of a tarot card reading too. All good things, all good things, but I've always been quite skeptical.

The food was great, and someone carved a Cheshire Cat out of watermelon! I also won an auction item that I bid on on impulse... hah. I guess I'm going on vacation (the prize was a 3D2N stay). More on that when I actually go on it!

So this is out of order because it happened in March but... I have no March post so this will have to do! March/April is the season of... dun dun dun, CHERRY BLOSSOMS aka Sakura!!! I love Spring, it's a close contender for my favourite season against Autumn!

Because I am unable to see them in Japan yet again (cries) I visited Gardens by the Bay to get the feels, however infinitesimal it is compared to the real hanami 花見. I had a great time though, and I enjoyed prodding and feeling the different plants, heh! I enjoy exhibitions that allow visitor interactions.

Easter!!! Not that it's a common celebration in Singapore but we take all the chances we get to celebrate a novel holiday. Went to Hatched with siblings to stick to the eggcellent theme, followed by dessert at Sunday Folks! Proceeded home to paint plastic eggs and they turned out pretty cool, actually.

I finally got to see them LIVE! AAaaaAAAa! I remember back when I was 13/14 when they were in SG for their Infinity on High tour... parents refused to let me see them :c so I blasted their songs on my PC for the night. Now... my childhood wish has been realized! It was every bit as awesome as I thought it would be! I was a little sad that their concert wasn't held at somewhere bigger like Indoor Stadium but eh, I guess it's probably mostly us, the oldies, who followed them from under the cork tree.

More activities are coming my way next month, may-be (ha-ha-ha)! Definitely need to start grinding down on my to-do list and making sure I get shit done on time!

Oh, right, I've also created a Facebook page for my stuff! Do give it a like if you're interested! I post cosplay photos, art, and other random stuff I make! c:

Click on the image!

The next post will be a post about my post-grad trip to Greece! It's probably time for another trashy travel post l o l. I do want to document some of my travel musings (sounding like the standard travel blogger now) here BUT I'll try to make them as short as possible.

Which, knowing me, it's probably still going to be verbal vomit.

Till the next post!

Sunday, 4 March 2018 // 10:49 am


Look at this new layout, hurhurhur. Yes, this means I'm reviving this semi-dead webspace! I tried my best coding the HTML but my skills in that department are very limited ;-; so I did the best I could. The drawing above is pretty straightforward too - it's basically all the things I enjoy doing/am interested in. Heheh, spot the little potato and a cup of green tea.

(verbal diarrhea below, pls abstain if you are terrified of wordy posts)

Anyway digressing a little from that (I do this a lot), I was going to start off by saying I've been hit by the travel bug but I realised that is inaccurate. I always had this travel virus in me .__. I tend to get the itch of wanting to explore and taste the sweet apples of adventure (wth). I know, I know... I sound extremely ungrateful for even having the option to travel, HAH! But eh, once you have a full time job it's tough finding the time to travel. It's not about the money (not entirely) but the amount of leaves you have (which is, in my opinion, quite a pathetic amount) and the workload you're responsible for... it's difficult to keep a balance. It's not impossible, however!

Travel plans for 2018 are in motion and I'm really looking forward to them (I did travel to Cambodia in Feb, but that is a post for another time)! I've been talking to a friend about this new year and how we're all growing and going through different phases of life now... damn, I'm already at the stage where I look at a 18 year old and go AHHH SWEET YOUTH instead of AHH A SLIGHTLY YOUNGER VERSION OF MYSELF wth.

Although I am a firm believer that age comes with experience and that it doesn't define how people are, I feel sad being reminded that my younger days are over. But eh, it doesn't mean that I have to feel old - in fact, and I'm sure many can attest to this, I don't 'feel' my age at all! I feel like I'm just at another stage of my life and that I didn't do whatever silly stuff I used to do. One might call this growing as a person.

Jesting aside, I want to be able to accept life as it comes and not sweat the small stuff. This comes with some self-awareness too, which I sorely lacked during my teenage years I think. Or rather, I am aware but I was so arrogant that I thought the way I was was completely fine. Maybe I've just changed and think the younger me was quite ignorant and brash.

Oh days I really don't know what point I'm trying to drive here. .

BUT ANYWAY, I'm reviving this webspace!!! Whoa we came a long way from when I first mentioned this at the start of this post eh. Although it's been at the back of my mind and floating around the bottom end of my todo list, I've always thought about reviving my website. But it was only near the end of last year when someone told me that it's better to have a space online to call my own, to showcase my work, that I bumped it up to one of the top priority goals.

You can't imagine how relieved I am to finally be done with it -  procrastination is truly my worst enemy.

I've also been pretty busy the past two months and here's some new stuff I came up with:

This is something I wrote for Valentine's Day. I never really liked that holiday - I like the idea of it, but I feel like it's a day where people are forced to be romantic based on society's expectations. Also, if you mention you dislike it when you're single, you automatically get labelled as a 'bitter person'. To be honest, I'd probably dislike it even if I am in a relationship.

DIGRESSING -- this is a little prose-y poem-y piece I wrote about a boy, who is trying to figure out a girl. She's a little strange, a little hard to figure out, but she is who is she. I hope this piece kinda conveys the idea that slowly but surely, he might just figure her out... or enjoy the continuous process of doing so c:

More Caféwatch badge designs!!! This time we have Widowmaker and! Heh, I'm done with a Hanzo one but might need some polishing before finalizing the design. Next up I'll probably work on a Mei or Sombra one! Badges will be printed soon for any upcoming conventions! Once confirmed, I'll post some updates here too c:

So yea, now all my works - be it art or prose, will be documented and updated here! Also, I might start writing some guides as well - travel ones and otherwise. I really hope to reach out and connect with others through my work and this website! With that, どうぞよろしく!

Sunday, 14 January 2018 // 11:36 am

Okaaaaaay so I kinda stopped posting travel posts because eh, I got tired of constantly having to keep up. I guess I was sort of putting pressure on myself to keep up with them previously, which was what made them so unenjoyable... but now, I'm gonna try just posting what I want to post instead of every single trip (who knows, I might enjoy it again and start posting'em regularly) and every single photo I thought was important - protip, they are not all important.

The main reason why I wanted to write this post is because I reaaaaallly wanted to share about my trip to köln! It was my first big trip in 2017, and I didn't choose köln either... I went there on business! Which was another exciting thing in itself because I've never traveled abroad for work before and this was sort of a milestone for me!

Plus, the destination was all the way in Germany!

I've been to Germany once before - Berlin, with one of my friends, and it left quite an impression on me. But, I remember not being too terribly excited about this one at all, HAHA. I think it was because I was way more enthusiastic about my Japan trip the following month. Moreover, it was only for 7 days, I think. I got there, rested for the day + did some set up, be present at the event for 5 days, and then flew back the day after. Thinking about the flights and the mad rush back then is making me feel tired, HAH.

I landed in Cologne before my colleague so I had time to check in to our accommodation and walk around before work stuff later in the noon. The biggest, and dare I say, only attraction of Cologne is probably the Cathedral, hahaha. I strolled around the city and got myself some chips and gelato (best pistachio gelato I've ever had in my life) before heading over to the kölnmesse. We had a döner, which is basically a kebab, for dinner and called it a day. Döners are amazing, by the way.

Oh my goodness, and alcohol is really dirt-cheap in the EU. Singapore, why oh why.

The next few days were convention days - Gamescom 2017! I was super excited for it because it's the largest gaming convention I've ever been to! The halls were HUGE! I was awestruck. I met many cool people there, and I loved the artist booths. My colleague and I also visited loads of networking parties, including one that was on a boat! We also managed to wriggle our way into a large gamescom party, hah, but that's a story for another time.

On the last day I had time in the morning before my night flight, so I visited a museum and toured the city for a bit before heading to the airport. Being the airhead that I sometimes am, I was nearly late for my flight due to time miscalculations (this happens more frequently than I'd like to admit). But thank the stars because I made it, yay!

Gamescom was such an amazing experience! I'm really grateful to be given this chance to travel abroad for work - I met so many people and learned many things about the gaming industry. It was also a lot of fun and I got to explore a city I've never been to before, which is a huge plus! This trip also renewed my love for Sauerkraut - I love it. Love love love.

I think köln was really one of my highlights for 2017, heh! I'll post soon about Tokyo Game Show, which was another highlight in 2017! At this point I think I'm just writing these posts for the sake of my own amusement because I don't think people actually read them (◔◡◔✿)