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Thursday, 6 April 2017 // 10:30 am

April already!

I've been trying to draw more, write more and play more videogames(solely for research, of course, ahem). Drawing is something I always want to be better at but never got the time or made enough effort to practice. Which is why I'm starting to!

Drew Belle after watching the live action Beauty and the Beast film, and a rando sketch on the right.



I'm not sure what I expected from the film because I loved the original to death and Belle was my favourite out of the /original 8/ Disney Princesses. The live action was a very beautiful film, high production, enchanting set, mesmerising costumes.

I really enjoyed the new scenes they added to the story, particularly the one where the Beast finishes Belle's shakespeare quote (why was she reading it out loud though, a tad rude to do that when someone is sleeping, no?) and scoffs at her fondness for Romeo and Juliet. I loved that cheeky exchange, and also the scene where Beast shows Belle the library. It was my favourite scene in the animated film (not the ballroom scene, that comes third - second being the snowy scene outdoors) and the live action did not disappoint! Plus, they polished Beast up so he wouldn't come off as illiterate, haha. In the animated film he mentions how he forgot to read, after not doing so for ages. But in the live action, he debates and talks to Belle about books.

Now, for the stuff I didn't like about the film. First off, I really don't think casting choices were right. The Beast was fine, mostly because he was largely covered with CGI. I'm sorry Emma Watson, but I didn't feel like you were Belle, not completely. Perhaps it's due to my own marred impression that you will, and forever be, Emma Watson - never anyone else. It's unfair, yes, but when someone is so well-known, it's difficult to imagine them playing as someone else. Also, I don't know if it was her fault but her voice was extremely auto-tuned in the songs and they threw me off.

I'm not sure if it was only me as well, but I found the chemistry between the Beast and Belle was extremely lacking. Everything felt too stoic, too forced and just... too scripted. It should feel natural, it should make me feel for them, but other than the Shakespeare/library scene, I didn't feel much. Even when she was crying at the end and willing for him to live, I didn't really believe her. Maybe this stems from her being too popular, so much so that I cannot unsee the Emma Watson? I honestly felt more chemistry between LeFou and Gaston, hah.

Overall, a very beautiful film. I would watch it again for the visuals (and that scene) but other than that... eh.



I'm also still working on my entry for the F.E.A.R anthology on Wattpad. The pieces are slowly coming together but it still needs a lot of work. Working life + Creative life + Social life + Family life takes a lot of scheduling and trying to balance them wears me out at times, haha. I'm trying to make it work!

I also went to Penang on a cruise last month! It was really fun and a great bonding trip for the family. It was also my first family vacation after a long time, not counting my graduation in London! I was worried I'd get seasick but it totally didn't feel like I was on a boat, so everything was fine and dandy.

Last weekend I also got a new hole on my body. Hi, Tragus!

SNOW makes my skin look perfect.

This was before the Coldplay concert, which was friggin' life changing! They were so humble, so amazing and the stadium was so beautiful. They gave out these wristbands which would light up according to what songs they play and the whole stadium was lit! It's definitely up on my list of better concert experiences, along with Imagine Dragons, Yellowcard and Macklemore.

Life is... complicated right now, but a good-complicated, I guess? I'm still determined to experience new things and expand my horizons - can't stop, won't stop learning! It's just how many opportunities I have, and what doors open for me. I've been in this strange Limbo since being back in Singapore and I honestly I don't know how to feel about it. I kind of enjoy it, but it scares me how unafraid I am about the future, which causes me to actually feel terrified. Heh, it's odd.

Which brings me to this conclusion... am I having the quarter life crisis?!


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