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Sunday, 26 May 2019 // 12:56 pm

Doujima! I've heard that it's THE convention to booth at, and THE convention to go for any merch, but I've always taken what others say with a bucket of salt before I actually experience it.

It was more than I expected.

Set up was easy thanks to the organizers behind the event - completely fuss-free. The event itself was filled with old friends, new people, and a lot of laughter! I had a ton of fun, and I can't wait to be back next year :) hopefully with new merchandise to share! I'm so amazed at the amount of creative minds and constantly impressed by what others are capable of.

The hype energy was pretty high even though most of us were exhausted from manning the booth.

our humble booth! Baka Rin being cute. Spot the new R6 stickers Recruit, Valkyrie & Mute!

 first day: high school uniform // second day: monochrome

 cutest shocked pikachu pin from Kagure, heh! 

So I have some news to announce - I'll be stopping cosplay. 

I've dabbled in cosplay in my teens, but I never fully got into it until the tail end of 2017. I only got into it because I was interested in dance, and Baka Rin, my lovely friend, asked me to fill in for a group that was aiming to film a Love Live! dance. I agreed, and baaaaaam - fast forward a year I'm closet-deep in costumes! (actually they're outside my closet because there's no space RIP)

The main reasons I want to stop are the usual - money and time. I have other things I want to pursue and cosplay is taking up a lot of time and money. I'll still be dancing of course, because that's what got me into cosplay in the first place! I
I've made a lot of new friends and had a lot of fun experiences that turned into memories I'll keep for a lifetime. But, not trying bring any gloom and doom, as always... things end, especially good things. I enjoyed being a character, wearing interesting outfits, and entering a different 'persona'. We've had a good run, cosplay. It's not perma goodbye though - I think I'll still get a kick out of dressing up for Halloween/Christmas or whatever miscellaneous events, but no more conventions or shoots! 

Now, it's back to working on other aspects of my life.I'll probably still be boothing, and I'm working on something (I keep saying that but it's true, always werkin' amirite), so keep an eye out :)

Whoever is still sticking around reading this... thank you. Sometimes I wonder why I keep this space running, hah. Hoarder IRL and ONLINE.

Till the next post, which will likely be after Cosfest 2019!