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Wednesday, 1 January 2020 // 3:35 pm


In a small reflection, I realize my priorities shifted a whole ton. I used to enjoy drinking, going out to party, and living the hedonistic life. But thanks to our forever constant, that changed. I look at things that take precedence, things that are beyond that burst of temporary happiness.

My plan for this year... truthfully, it's quite boring because it is the same every year -  I'll wanna do more unknowns, and venture into more unknowns. Oh, and in addition... spend more time with the ones that matter :) But can there ever be enough!?

(tried to find the traditional Japanese mochi display for the new year, failed, so made our own using daifuku from donki)

Not totally out of the subject, but Frozen II's Into the Unknown really resonated with me. There's something about the longing of adventure, the courage to follow your passion in the song that draws me. Not only that, it sings about the struggles and the reasons to not follow the call to explore, the pull of a risk. It's a gorgeous, empowering ballad - for all the wayfarers out there.

So... legggoooo 2020! Plans and stuff abound!

(man, I can't believe it's really 2020 now. It's so strange to shift out of the 2019 figure)