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Friday, 21 November 2014 // 11:43 pm

1. It's chips, not fries. I once said fries by accident and a bunch of my British friends gave me looks of utter bewilderment.

2. Blessing people after they sneeze. I once said this to my Singaporean friend and she looked at me like I had suddenly morphed into a spiritual priest.

3. Everyone is love. Literally. 
"Thank you, love."
"You're welcome, love."
"Are you okay, love?"

4. It's. So. Cold. I actually miss my denim shorts, alot.

5. Tea is a real thing. I'm officially addicted. Maybe it's the warmth... the comfort it brings to the cold here is like a soft, fuzzy blanket.

6. Oh, adding on to the chips bit... it's not potato chips either. It's crisps here.

7. Crumpets aren't actually popular among the majority here, I don't think. I haven't had a crumpet yet.

8. Coins in abundance -- there is no helping it. I don't even know how I accumulated a giant bag of coins, mostly 1/2 pennies.

9. Shit goes down everyday. STOMP couldn't keep up with the amount of crazy shit happening each and every day. Mad men on trains talking to themselves, fainting spells on the roadside and I kid you not, bomb scares.

10. No more $2 Nasi Lemak. Chicken Rice and Hokkien Mee costs me at least frickin' £7 + a trip to Chinatown in central. That is about SGD$14 by the way. I miss you, Kopitiam.

11. "Wow! Your English is so good!" -- You don't know how many times I get this. A lot of people just don't know that much about Singapore. Once, someone I knew for a good few months were rapping Macklemore's Can't Hold Us and she complimented me on my impressive rapping skills, considering that English isn't my first language. Well, at least she and everyone else looked properly embarrassed when I told them English IS my first/main language.

12. Going out ≠ Going out. When someone asks you: "Are you going out tonight?" The proper response is yes or no, not wearing a confused expression and going HUH? like a derpy idiot. What they mean by going out is if you're going to club, simple as that.

13. How are you/how are you doing? Everyone likes to know how everyone is doing. Be polite and ask in return, even if you don't care.

14. Sunlight is precious. I have never treasured the sun so much than when I am here.

Thats all I can think of for now! If I have anymore,
I'll either write a new post or add on to this one.

EDIT: my dear friend Viv kindly offered a few more great things we've learnt here.

15. Speaking 'Singaporean'. Singaporelish? Singaporeanese? Sadly we don't have our own language. All we have is modified english, which is also awesome.

16. Singapore Noodles. THEY. ARE. NOT. A. THING. Never in my life have I gone up to my local stall in Singapore asking for a plate of Singapore Noodles. It's like calling Pad Thai = Thailand noodles. Not a thing.

17. No Curry/Chilli sauce in Macdonalds. Their version of BBQ sauce is also gross and weird.