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Saturday, 15 November 2014 // 8:19 pm


Well my 22nd birthday has come and gone really quickly.

I'm a very suspicious person by nature(a lot of my friends will say otherwise), so I was very pleasantly and shockingly surprised when I arrived home after Cheerleading practice to find my house fully decorated on the 10th! I was going to have just a little get-together dinner but Viv and Katherine went the extra mile for me ♥ Plus, they also made a cake! I was so very, very touched and my heart was melty for a while.

The next day on the actual day where I unleashed hell on this earth by being born, we went for a very interesting boat party held by ABACUS, which stands for the Association of British And Chinese University Students. It was my first time being on a boat party so it was pretty cool, although the weather felt like it was attacking us in our flimsy dresses. I must say I held myself pretty well that night, especially since the ABACUS people are known for being wild... I experienced that myself first hand, hah.

And then my 22nd was over. There was a moment on my birthday that I felt an immense sadness that I was so torn between my friends here and my friends(and family)  back in Singapore. Why can't I just capture everyone I care about in a giant net and release them where I was? Then we could all be less than an hour away and I could see them whenever. The person working on the teleportation device needs to hurry up.

How does it feel being 22? Well, not any different than when I was 21. I think birthdays are more of checkpoints of how far you've gone in your life when the real change in the time between time. Throughout a single year so much can happen, and this makes me excited and terrified at the same time. Eh, but so far I've just been so swamped with schoolwork and work to be thinking about my 22-ness or lack thereof. After the 11th it's just been SCHOOLWORK SCHOOLWORK WORK SCHOOLWORK SCHOOLWORK LIBRARY READ.

It'll be like this till December, and then it'll be the holidays.
I don't know if I want time to slow down or not.