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Saturday, 19 September 2015 // 10:28 pm

Oh well another day at work. Welcome, may I check your seat number? Thank you, please proceed down this row blablabla. Same old, same old. I'm practically on auto-pilot right now. Oh shit did I call that woman SIR? Okay lets pretend that didn't happen. Great, because we NEED another spoilt toddler on this flight. Wait till lights out and watch that toddler groan and moan. Singaporean girl, I think. I can't really tell. Poor sucker got a middle seat. Happy 'excuse me'-ing to the toilet.

Time for the messy part. Not surprising that all the Asians are getting like the Asian dishes(nyonya fish curry with rice or lamb rogan josh) whereas the Caucasians are getting the Western dishes. The SG girl ordered the fish curry and was watching Inside Out while eating. I swear I saw her eyes water for a bit when a weird pink elephant thing was on the screen. Strange. Anyway, when I walked past her during clean up she looked a little nauseous. Since SG girl sounds kind of dumb, I shall now refer to her as LTP(Liable to Puke) which doesn't sound any smarter.

LTP still looks sick. She is currently resting her head on her hand. I was just wondering if I should pass her a puke bag but then she got up and lined up for the toilet. Probably to puke and that just made ME sick thinking about the mess I have to clean up if she misses. Its her turn next and BAM, turbulence call. She look resigned as she makes her way back to her seat. I feel kinda sorry for her.

She's asleep now which is good. No clean ups needed.

Lights out and alas, I was right. The spoilt toddlers of the world strikes again. Everyone starts waking up and giving dirty looks at the direction of the noise. This went on for a good 10 minutes and another 5 minutes after a few seconds of respite. LTP woke up as well and seem to be having a horrible time trying to fall asleep. I know the feeling, the seats in economy somehow make your back ache. You can put the pillow there but after a while it starts to ache, and when you remove it same thing. You never win.

3 hours to landing. LTP wakes up when the lights are still out. She starts to watch a movie about some dying girl.

Breakfast time and on the menu is omelette or e-fu noodles. Almost every Asian got the noodles and every Causasian got the omelette. It was pretty amusing. LTP is watching Fast & Furious 7, although I think she won't be able to finish the movie since we're only an hour and 30 minutes from landing. She also seem to be more cautious the meal now and not eating the bread. What a waste.

Andddd landed! LTP had to wait for most people to leave behind her first because she had to take her items from the overhead compartment and the guy sitting in the aisle seat beside her was blocking her exit. Eventually she got out, looking pained and tired and so I gave the customary smile and thank you.

Time to check into the hotel and rest for the night. Returning flight back to Singapore in two days so DRINK ALL THE TEA and EAT ALL THE SCONES. Also: spotted at the luggage claim, LTP dragging two luggages, a laptop bag and a backpack to the exit.

I swear I am not a stalker, I just notice things.