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Thursday, 24 September 2015 // 1:34 pm

Hey ho! Just thought I should update this space about what I've been doing for the past week, sort of. I've entered my last year of university, which is also my last year studying in London! I'm pretty excited about all the stuff I'll be doing and also a little bit scared of the mountain of school work ahead of me, haha.

These are the lovelies that sent me off from the airport. I specifically told every one NOT to send me off because a) I would be very sad b) I really dislike send offs BECAUSE it makes me sad but they decided to go against my wishes so tadaaaah. Hahaha but they were so sweet because they actually had presents for me!

Gravy got the Pikachu hat and Pikachu clip-on toy for me! I was really touched because I mentioned in passing about how I saw some people with the clip-on at STGCC the other day and how I wanted one. He asked his steward friend who was in Japan to get one for me!!! And Noel prepared a cute plane care package for me which included snacks, chocolate and a letter! Thank you guys so much! I don't know what I did to deserve all these, hah.

When I arrived home at 8am I had to unpack everything and move rooms. In the process I found a lot of old stuff I had to throw because they couldn't be used anymore or too old. My trusty old toms and IKEA nightlight from year 1... I'll always remember you guys.

The next day I decided to head into Central London to explore! I haven't completely unpacked yet but I had to go out a little bit instead of being all cooped up. The weather was really nice too! The sun was still out and about this time of year!

And after almost an hour's journey I arrived in Central! Last weekend was Open House London 2015 so I was really excited. I wanted to go for the 30 minute tour of The Bank of England but alas, there was a massive queue and it turns out that the tour was for the first 500 people and it was all taken since 9.30am that morning WTF. So I skipped the queue(which was for the museum) and went on my way.

The War Memorial beside the bank.

Wholefoods!!! I missed this place. Had a great time wandering around and stopped for lunch at their food bar! Quinoa, tofu, broccoli, and roasted chicken among other yummies.

On my next agenda in Open House London was this place called Grow Elephant, a mobile community garden! I got lost trying to find the place and went an entire round around it. Yep, that tends to happen to me. I eventually found it after 20 minutes or so.

The place was quite small and had a few people milling about or drinking coffee from the little stall they had. I really loved the concept of the place and the flowers were so pretty! Its quite an ideal place to chill with some friends. Too bad I didn't have any with me that day. /foreveralone

I came back for my dinner. This looks really gross but it was DELICIOUS. Olives, anchovy, egg, crayfish tails, hummus and salsa. Oh and I think ham. This is pretty much my usual meals except maybe changing the protein or fish or chicken.

On a side note, I really really miss home! The family sometimes send pictures on the whatsapp group and they tug on my heartstrings so much. Look at the father petting darling Cookie. I want to be there so badly!

Well, about a year to go.