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Tuesday, 20 October 2015 // 3:51 pm

I just finished my first ever Stephen King book and wow, it was quite a ride. I used to avoid his books because I thought horror fiction was just not my thing. I actually only read this book because it was on the reading list for my module, hah.

But I notice that ever since I came to Uni I changed my narrow view on reading, writing and criticism. I had thought about picking up a Stephen King book but never really got around to it. So in a way I lucked out with the reading list! Misery is one of those books that just stop you from putting it down.

If anyone is wondering the title of the book is the title of this post itself, heh. 

Anyway I really don't know the purpose of this post HAHAHAHA. I just wanted to share how reading Misery was a journey and how much it changed my view on horror/thriller fiction. The fact that the world it is set in is so small too... okay I shall stop myself here in case I start rambling on and on about the book.

Winter is definitely trying to push Autumn away as quick as possible. One day the weather was fantastically Autumn-y and the next day BAM Winter hits us right in the face. I broke out the Winter coat a few days ago... don't think my thin green parka will do any more. I've been keeping really busy with all my activities in school and off-school. A lot of times I wonder if I should drop one or two things off my plate but... its so hard to choose what I should give up.

Schoolwork include: Major Dissertation, Minor Dissertation, Modern Drama and Modern Fiction coursework, Japanese Language revision.
Activities include: Cheerleading, Calisthenics, Short story contest submissions, Student Ambassador duties, keeping up with daily exercise.

+ having time to rest and recuperate.

I need more hours in my days. Ah well we'll see how I cope in a few more weeks *weak laughter*
Anyway, here's some updates on the fun and social aspect of my life while I still have time for.

A few weeks ago Katherine and Ally came over from their work placement areas to hang out for the weekend. We went to the Urban Food Festival happening over in Shoreditch and it was fantastic! So much food and I love love love food festivals. The atmosphere of hungry, happy, satisfied people. Makes the food monster in me so happy!

Viv and Ally got some korean chicken thing which was amazing and Viv and me got some Mexican Quesadillas above in purple corn shells. They were legendary. I don't know what magical way they cooked the meat but it was heavenly, and also the guacamole! I wanna go back there again!

Katherine was my roommate for two nights too!

There was a manga exhibition at The British Museum some time after which I visited myself. I also explored some other parts of the museum because the exhibition was really quite small. It was my first time at the British Museum! I never knew how beautiful the interior was and I am definitely planning a return.

I met Winnie after to catch Bend It Like Beckham the Musical!

JAMES BAAAAAAY ASDFGHJKL! He was amazing LIVE. Thank you Viv for introducing me to his songs. HE SINGS FROM HIS SOUL.

Winnie and I made a trip down to New Malden, the K-town of London supposedly. There was two rows of Korean shops/restaurants but... they were quite sparse. We were quite disappointed when the Bingsu place we wanted to try was temporarily closed! We never tried it before(I should have when the Bingsu rage was on in Singapore but I didn't get the chance to) and we were quite sad about it, bah. Oh well. We went to a restaurant, ordered some korean rice wine and drowned our sorrows. 

Speaking of korean rice wine... it was my first time trying it too! It was pretty interesting and a whole new taste for me! Which I found exciting! I wouldn't mind drinking it again but it probably isn't my top go-to alcohol choice. Also I don't know what I was laughing at Winnie about.

KANADA-YA is a ramen place Viv and I found by walking down the street. There were a ton of asians queuing outside so we figured it must be really good HAHAHA. So we searched it up online and tons of good reviews came up! So of course we had to try it. I had the ramen above which looks like a face and Viv had the minced meat bomb below! It didn't disappoint us but honestly... it couldn't beat Tampopo! The egg wins though. The egg was so runny, melty and delicious. The egg wins everything.

I had to see this exhibition! I loved Audrey Hepburn but after seeing this I love her more now! I feel like she is a model of a proper lady... something I can never achieve HAHAHA. But I admire her for her poise and elegance. I feel like Emma Watson and Julie Andrews exudes the same vibe.

A few days ago I volunteered my assistance in the Hillingdon Literary Festival which was held in my school. It was really fun and I enjoyed myself a lot! The other volunteers were really nice too and a lot of the speakers were lecturers I had/still have!

Had the realisation that bookshops will be the death of my bank account. I couldn't stop myself from buying these!!!

The Chronicles of Light and Shadow series is written by one of my lecturers who dedicated and signed this book personally for me. She is extremely sweet and I am entirely touched, and very encouraged! This is probably the highlight of the whole weekend for me, an possibly my week.

So this is what I will do. Keep writing on. Back to the writing board!