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Tuesday, 18 October 2016 // 11:52 pm

I have no idea when I started dreaming about being an author. Fifteen, sixteen... maybe? It seemed so far away... a distant dream. And when it actually happened I felt... weird. HAHA. I don't know, it felt too surreal to me. I felt shy, humbled, unable to grasp that it actually exists: a book with my story, my characters, my world in it!

My first ever published story, in The Imagination Project Anthology last year. It was a collection of short stories by students from my Creative Writing course and my story is titled Tai &Yoru. In summary it's about two tree spirits, one that only comes out in the day and another that only appears at night. The story follows how they /meet/, their interactions, and their journey discovering about each other and themselves. 

This was about a year ago, I think?

This was just last week :D My story, titled The Council of H&H, was part of the Writing Local | Thinking Global Anthology for Hillingdon Literary Festival! It was also a contest and I'm so proud that I was one of the writer shortlisted for it. :)

Honestly the reason why I didn't post about Tai & Yoru was because... I didn't want to make it a big deal. It was part of my course, and my school made the anthology (although it did sell for 5 pounds a book) so I wasn't sure if this was an achievement or not. But now I realize that every step counts and I shouldn't short-change myself.

I'm currently setting up a space for my stories and working on releasing Tai & Yoru up on the interwebs for everyone who fancies a read! It's tough juggling work(another post pending), play and personal projects but I'm gonna make things happen! Also would like to post more and NOT neglect this space, hah. More info coming up soon :D

ANDDD before I sign off, thank you to everyone who've believed in me and supported me through it all. You guys are the real MVPs.