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Thursday, 10 November 2016 // 9:43 pm


It's my birthday(in Singapore, in about 3hours or so in UK). Yay.

I'm not sure when I stopped liking it. Probably after 22, because 22 you were still considered 'young', and not a quarter into your life. I think it's so strange how my birthday happens at different times in another country; so when is it my actual birthday? Where I am? Weird. I'm sure there's some mathematical stuff about oh what time were you born etc etc but I can't be bothered with that, heh.

I'm at that point where I feel like I've lived so much yet haven't lived at all. It's probably because I'm very hard on myself when it comes to achieving my goals and doing something with my life, so that just makes me reflect on what I haven't done in the past year. To counter my overly ambitious trait I'm now making a list of the things I have done in this year of my life.

  •  Climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa, and made it to the summit
  •  Raised money for a school in Tanzania and dropped by before embarking on said mountain. 
  •  Managed to get a Creative Writing degree
  •  And in accordance with the above, wrote 4 Chapters of a novel, totalling 8000 words, for my dissertation.
  •  Almost got to Diamond in Overwatch (HAHAHAHA)
  •  Got published; twice
  •  Participated in a cheer competition as a Blizzard for the last time
  •  Cosplayed as
  •  Visited Finland, Prague, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Greece, etc

So overall I actually had quite a good year! I have a feeling the next one isn't going to be that exciting because I've started work now and I'm struggling to find time even during the weekends. And holidays will be less because I can't be going off every weekend and dying both physically and mentally. Also, the major root of why I can't, is money. Unless you have a ridiculously high-paying job in London you absolutely can't afford to go on holiday and pay rent/bills/food.

My motto for the next year is to be as productive as I can but of course, have bouts of laziness here and there because that is what I enjoy. I don't think I can beat my Kilimanjaro achievement just yet but I have a lot to live up to, haha. If my list next year is as fruitful as the one above then I'll be content (I tell myself this but I know that I'll just be like I HAVEN'T DONE ENOUGH UGHHH just you wait).

I want to give a little shoutout to my family because it's always around this time of year, my birthday + Christmas, that I miss them the most. I'll see you guys super soon :)

Also, watch this abandoned-ish blog because a revamp is in the works and I'm super excited!

Remember; age is actually just a number and no one likes numbers.