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Monday, 12 December 2016 // 3:50 pm

Yes, I’m a VJ now. 

Look at how happy I was! If you don’t know what a VJ is, it’s like being a DJ but instead of disc in the ‘D’ it’s video in the ‘V’. The company that I work for specializes in creating media servers for video output, so on the day of my Christmas Party I got to learn a bit about VJ-ing and debuted at our Christmas Party! VJ-ing is essentially the same as DJ-ing except that your video visuals have to go along with the music. Imagine concerts with pretty video effects in the background as the singer blast their tunes; that is VJ-ing, sort. Okay I’ll refrain from spilling too much techy details here- on to the fun stuff.

Also I’m quite happy with my VJ name. VJ Midi has a nice ring to it besides being very relevant to the scene.

Christmas Party at HAUNT! The name cards were made by yours truly and I felt unreasonably offended when people didn’t turn up (work, etc). How dare you not turn up when I made these especially for you!

The loaded potato skins on the right were amazing. We got bacon/meaty ones, Mac & Cheese ones and surprisingly delicious beetroot flavoured ones. Their cocktails were the best I’ve ever had as well, but that could be the pre-dinner prosecco talking.

We embarked home at about 2am and this is what I saw while waiting for the night tube. Same guys, same. The next day was spent at home doing nothing but playing Overwatch.

School of Rock came out a few weeks – or a month ago and since I really liked the movie I figured that it wouldn’t disappoint. It didn’t and I enjoyed myself so much! I knew it was going to be funny but I didn’t expect myself to laugh almost throughout the show! The lines were well delivered and although there was a little technical error half-way through the show they fixed it really quickly.
The stage is the smallest I’ve ever seen for a musical though, and so is the theater actually. I also managed to get seats relatively close to the front for a good price so the experience was magnified tenfold! It’s definitely a must-watch recommendation from me!

Before the show we also stumbled into the new LEGO Store at Leicester Square. I’m not a big lego fan, although very fascinated with how millions are obsessed with building stuff with little toy bricks, but I enjoyed my short visit! There was a small queue to get it but we didn’t wait long. You can also make your own LEGO figurine for about £5 I think, which I will be going back to do! There’s also massive mural of London and a impressive structure of the Big Ben in the store- all made with Lego blocks, of course.

I know I talked about time before but I didn’t realize how close we are to Christmas/the end of 2016! I’m trying to find time to squeeze in the things I want to do amidst the stuff I need to do, and it isn’t easy. I have mixed feelings about the Christmas break too – it’s supposed to be a joyous occasion and I’m excited, but at the same time it also means a new chapter for me. 

It will also probably trigger mad panic.
We will see.

PS: UK’s Christmas holidays are soooooooo long compared to US ones! But then US has crazy Thanksgiving holidays so… I guess they balance out? Just something I found out recently, sorry if this is common knowledge, haha.