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Saturday, 24 December 2016 // 12:33 pm

I can still remember vividly sitting outside the games shop when I was 7 or 8, sitting with my cousins and playing our Game Boys. I started with the Game Boy Colour, and with Pokemon Red and I remember the looooong wire we had that enabled us to trade pokemon, a feature so amazing to us back then; I mean, come on, trading virtually?! Just with this wire?! That is too cool!

Well, until I lost my Charizard. I suspected my cousin stole him, and my confrontation was met with denial. I still think he took it by the way. WZ or WX if you are reading this I HOPE YOU FEEL GUILTY. 

When I heard the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions crew were coming down to London for a show knew I HAD to go. There was no excuse. Pokemon is my childhood; I've followed it from the beginning till now, and I won't be doing the memories justice if I didn't go. I even remembered going to Distant Worlds in Paris (Yes, I travelled all the way to Paris for that) for the Square Enix part of my childhood and I loved every single minute of it. So, I had to do it for Pokemon!

Before the show they put up the classic WHO'S THAT POKEMON segments for us and when the silhouette of Pikachu came up I heard someone going sarcastically behind me: "Gee, I have no idea what Pokemon that might be.", heh.

I was also alone as none of my friends here in the UK are huge, huge Pokemon fans or didn't think it was worth the money. But it was also because I was by myself that I got bumped up to the 4th row from the front! My seat was initially up on the balcony! Yay! But it also meant I was sandwiched between groups of people/couples. Meh, it didn't bother me much but I can't help thinking that they might be feeling sorry for me.

But hey, one can enjoy her solitude, thank you very much.

The classics were played, first one being -Pallet Town- and I got the chills. I'm getting the chills just thinking about it right now. Something you love so much never leaves you, not completely.

At the end they surprised us with the first Pokemon animation theme song! We all sang along and it was an absolute blast! The final song was Kiseki, a song specially chosen by Junichi blabla and I'll be lying if I said I didn't shed some tears... I tried desperately to hide it because I don't want people to feel even SORRIER for me wtf.

Thanks for the beautiful night, Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions! You've reminded me that my childhood never left. I'm waiting to get Pokemon Sun and Moon when I return to SG (region locked, ugh) but in the meantime I'll content myself with X & Y...

Anyway, it's Christmas Eve and I'm about to bundle up and brave Oxford Street with Winnie before having Korean BBQ for dinner. Why Korean BBQ? It's because we watched that Buzzfeed WORTH IT Video about a week ago. We're baited too easily, I swear.

Merry Christmas to everyone reading this x