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Tuesday, 14 February 2017 // 3:51 pm

Hope everyone had a good day today, regardless of whether you have someone or not! Like I said on twitter and instagram, the most valentine-y thing I did today was playing the pangolin mini-game on Google's homepage and semi-finishing this vector illustration above after work. Heheh, look at Genji being all nervous.

I like this 'holiday' for the novelty of it; showcasing love, hearts, flowers, etc, but I dislike it at the same time, hah. It feels contrived and show off-y. I'm not bitter... not entirely. I've totally grown out of the whbole OMGAH SO LONELY SINGLE ON VALENTINE'S BOOHOO QQ stage and settled more into a bah, humbug stage. I guess you can call me the Grinch of Valentine's? Haha.

My favourite part of the day was watching my Dad give my Mum her Valentine's day present. He got her some chocolates, and lamented that he tried to find her favourite After Eights(amazing) but failed! My Mum tutted and said that chocolates were for Christmas, then my Dad asked her to sit beside him so they can eat it together xD Mum refused because it was late but I could tell my Dad just wanted a late-night chocolate nibble. It's moments like these when I marvel at their relationship.

Overall I had a good day though, so no complaints! This is super cheesy but I feel really happy and appreciative (trying not to use blessed or thankful) towards everyone around me, who loves me and support me in big and little ways. Maybe it's the Valentine's bug getting me, ugh! Away, pesky mushy feelings!