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Sunday, 5 February 2017 // 5:26 pm

It's been nearly a month since I've been back in sunny Singapore and yes, I've finally sorta adapted to life back here.

At the start it was rather difficult; I had to revert my body clock, get used to the culture here (again) and also sort my room/life out. I think the biggest surprise I had was realizing I had to adjust to the culture, again. I mean, living in the UK was so different. People were open, communicative and more outspoken. I know I shouldn't be but I was shocked when I greeted the cashier at one of the stores in Westgate and she said nothing back to me and sullenly scanned and packed my stuff in a plastic bag. I guess customer service isn't her job but still.

Then I had the issue of packing and unpacking, which was quite therapeutic and I found stuff I didn't remember I had! That was quite cool and I'm still in the process of packing/cleaning my room. I have hoarding tendencies so I have tons of stuff, including brochures from travels, ticket stubs, etc... so that makes cleaning up that much harder!

But besides the chores I've been spending tons of time with the family and also arranging to meet friends for much needed catch-up sessions! I've also landed a new job and I'm pretty excited about it! I start in a week so I feel quite nervous as well. Hope everything will go well!

I'm still really confused, yet at the same time very sure of my life. I guess this is what they dub 'quarter life crisis'? I know what I want to do in the following year but yet I'm also unsure if what I want is truly what I want... does this make sense? Heh. One thing's for sure though, I want to move forward and grow as much as I can this year. I want to be a better, kinder, wiser (jokes), diligent me so I can look back and say yes, I stuck by my guns and aimed to improve myself.

Oh my goodness I am being so cheesy and hipstery so I'm going to stop this bs.

TLDR; Back in Singapore, had to adjust, quarter life crisis, gonna kick ass (I hope)