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Saturday, 11 November 2017 // 8:58 am


How has it been 25 years?! I feel like I'm that stage where I'm neither young or old at the same time. A part of me feels excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead but another part of me is reminiscing about my passing youth, hah! Though, I don't feel 25 at all - wait, what is being 25 supposed to feel like?! Numbers, numbers.

Okay I'm gonna sound a little pithy now.

Over the years I've come to realise what I wanted out of life. As horribly cliche as this is going to sound and I'm very sure I've said this in previous posts before but... I want to live life to the fullest. UGH the fact that I actually typed that out is making me cringe in my seat. But the meaning behind that quote is clear.

I started changing over the years, seeking new experiences, exploring the unknown and yearning to learn new things or do stuff I've never done before. I think this longing for adventure has always been in me, but the teenage version of myself has always been afraid of doing something that will set me apart from others. Now, I celebrate the differences. I enjoy learning the quirks of others and listening to their stories.

I've listed down the milestones and new experiences I've achieved in the past year (because I am obsessed with lists) and whoa... I am extremely humbled by everyone, and everything that made them possible. I am actually horrendously lucky and I appreciate every single moment of my 24th year (maybe except the painful/sad moments, but eh, we learn from them UGH ANOTHER CRINGE-Y PHRASE).

So, to hell with it all and come what may.
25, leggo.