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Sunday, 31 December 2017 // 4:28 am

Merry Christmas & Happy 2018!

(little Cookie peeking out from the corner)

It's technically still the 7th day of Christmas. I like to continue to festivities as per the song 12 Days of Christmas all the way till 5th January, heh. That is when Christmas is actually over, mwuahaha!

Then, we have the coming of 2018 and Chinese New Year.

Ahh yes, we've entered the period of glorious binge eating and cultivating our individual potatoness.

2017 has been interesting. I am very, very lucky to be able to experience new things, go on new adventures, and meet many new people. The start of 2017 was rather rough because I had to leave the UK, what I was familiar with at the time, back to Singapore and start a new phase of life. I was lucky enough to land a job quickly and I'm currently still working in the gaming industry! It's been really fun and most of all, fruitful. Although the hours are long, the culture is different and the weather way warmer than it needs to be... over time, of course, I adapted. This year was the year of immense change.

Besides joining the workforce I've also been up to new projects this year! I admit, I haven't been as diligent about them as I should be - sometimes when I get home I just wanna rest and spend hours mindlessly doing goodness knows what on the internet. I call this human erroring.

Also, this is the year where I've steeled myself, I think. Both mentally, and emotionally. I realized that the more experiences you gain, the more challenges you go through, the less time and effort you have for bullshit. I've stopped giving a shit to things that are too menial to give a shit about, and I've started investing my time in worthier things. This applies to people too.

I've got to experience many new things this year and it's sad that it has all passed, and that each moment won't happen again. But it's because of this that we can appreciate the ones in the future, and that we look forward to new feelings and moments... with these words in mind, I feel like I can slowly appreciate each instance of life as it comes, and everything that happens within. (whoaaaa poetic much)

Okay, let's not get too deep into the emotional pot of things. I have a lot of projects planned for the next year; drawing, writing and many more. I've been trying to update this space with my current projects and etc, and will defo try to as much as I can! Actually, I've been working on a Christmas story that I've yet to finish, HAH! I'll probably post it on the last day of Christmas.

I have a feeling that next year, 2018, will be another year of great change. I don't think that's bad, because change is essential in life and that's how we progress from one stage to another. I know there will definitely be challenges ahead, tough decisions I have to make... but, bring it on 2018! I'll be ready for it, and even if I'm not, I'll take you on.