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Monday, 30 April 2018 // 6:05 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm back again, way too infrequently, haha. Not surprisingly, after I started my new job I find myself caught between responsibilities and downtime. However, in the way that I organize my values, the line between the two is rather thin. Which means that in my downtime I tend to feel responsible to do the things I feel like I need to do instead of actually having any downtime at all!

So I've been working on a few things besides managing my sanity: a short story (surprise, surprise) for Mother's Day, more prep for Cosfest and also... Aerial Hoop! What's that?! Well, it's what it is. Hooping in the air. It's pretty niche but very, very fun and challenging! I've been attending classes for over 2 months now and I still feel like there's a ton to learn and skills to hone.

My cosplays have been slow recently what with work, social life, other commitments taking priority. The most recent one would be... Fanart Qipao version! Did a mini-shoot at home for Chinese New Year. As always, credits to my sister for the photos! More will be up soon when we actually do the video and photoshoot. By we I mean my Tracer and Mei c: Heheheh!

Hanzo from my Caféwatch series is done! I'll see if I have some time to churn another design out but if not, the 5 completed ones will go to print for Cosfest 2018!

In other, personal news -

I'm trying to balance work and some semblance of a social life, as mentioned. I've recently attended the Madcatter's Pawty - a fundraising event to help the Cat Museum set up shop again (since their lease is up)! I got my burning question answered in the form of a tarot card reading too. All good things, all good things, but I've always been quite skeptical.

The food was great, and someone carved a Cheshire Cat out of watermelon! I also won an auction item that I bid on on impulse... hah. I guess I'm going on vacation (the prize was a 3D2N stay). More on that when I actually go on it!

So this is out of order because it happened in March but... I have no March post so this will have to do! March/April is the season of... dun dun dun, CHERRY BLOSSOMS aka Sakura!!! I love Spring, it's a close contender for my favourite season against Autumn!

Because I am unable to see them in Japan yet again (cries) I visited Gardens by the Bay to get the feels, however infinitesimal it is compared to the real hanami 花見. I had a great time though, and I enjoyed prodding and feeling the different plants, heh! I enjoy exhibitions that allow visitor interactions.

Easter!!! Not that it's a common celebration in Singapore but we take all the chances we get to celebrate a novel holiday. Went to Hatched with siblings to stick to the eggcellent theme, followed by dessert at Sunday Folks! Proceeded home to paint plastic eggs and they turned out pretty cool, actually.

I finally got to see them LIVE! AAaaaAAAa! I remember back when I was 13/14 when they were in SG for their Infinity on High tour... parents refused to let me see them :c so I blasted their songs on my PC for the night. Now... my childhood wish has been realized! It was every bit as awesome as I thought it would be! I was a little sad that their concert wasn't held at somewhere bigger like Indoor Stadium but eh, I guess it's probably mostly us, the oldies, who followed them from under the cork tree.

More activities are coming my way next month, may-be (ha-ha-ha)! Definitely need to start grinding down on my to-do list and making sure I get shit done on time!

Oh, right, I've also created a Facebook page for my stuff! Do give it a like if you're interested! I post cosplay photos, art, and other random stuff I make! c:

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The next post will be a post about my post-grad trip to Greece! It's probably time for another trashy travel post l o l. I do want to document some of my travel musings (sounding like the standard travel blogger now) here BUT I'll try to make them as short as possible.

Which, knowing me, it's probably still going to be verbal vomit.

Till the next post!