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Sunday, 4 March 2018 // 10:49 am


Look at this new layout, hurhurhur. Yes, this means I'm reviving this semi-dead webspace! I tried my best coding the HTML but my skills in that department are very limited ;-; so I did the best I could. The drawing above is pretty straightforward too - it's basically all the things I enjoy doing/am interested in. Heheh, spot the little potato and a cup of green tea.

(verbal diarrhea below, pls abstain if you are terrified of wordy posts)

Anyway digressing a little from that (I do this a lot), I was going to start off by saying I've been hit by the travel bug but I realised that is inaccurate. I always had this travel virus in me .__. I tend to get the itch of wanting to explore and taste the sweet apples of adventure (wth). I know, I know... I sound extremely ungrateful for even having the option to travel, HAH! But eh, once you have a full time job it's tough finding the time to travel. It's not about the money (not entirely) but the amount of leaves you have (which is, in my opinion, quite a pathetic amount) and the workload you're responsible for... it's difficult to keep a balance. It's not impossible, however!

Travel plans for 2018 are in motion and I'm really looking forward to them (I did travel to Cambodia in Feb, but that is a post for another time)! I've been talking to a friend about this new year and how we're all growing and going through different phases of life now... damn, I'm already at the stage where I look at a 18 year old and go AHHH SWEET YOUTH instead of AHH A SLIGHTLY YOUNGER VERSION OF MYSELF wth.

Although I am a firm believer that age comes with experience and that it doesn't define how people are, I feel sad being reminded that my younger days are over. But eh, it doesn't mean that I have to feel old - in fact, and I'm sure many can attest to this, I don't 'feel' my age at all! I feel like I'm just at another stage of my life and that I didn't do whatever silly stuff I used to do. One might call this growing as a person.

Jesting aside, I want to be able to accept life as it comes and not sweat the small stuff. This comes with some self-awareness too, which I sorely lacked during my teenage years I think. Or rather, I am aware but I was so arrogant that I thought the way I was was completely fine. Maybe I've just changed and think the younger me was quite ignorant and brash.

Oh days I really don't know what point I'm trying to drive here. .

BUT ANYWAY, I'm reviving this webspace!!! Whoa we came a long way from when I first mentioned this at the start of this post eh. Although it's been at the back of my mind and floating around the bottom end of my todo list, I've always thought about reviving my website. But it was only near the end of last year when someone told me that it's better to have a space online to call my own, to showcase my work, that I bumped it up to one of the top priority goals.

You can't imagine how relieved I am to finally be done with it -  procrastination is truly my worst enemy.

I've also been pretty busy the past two months and here's some new stuff I came up with:

This is something I wrote for Valentine's Day. I never really liked that holiday - I like the idea of it, but I feel like it's a day where people are forced to be romantic based on society's expectations. Also, if you mention you dislike it when you're single, you automatically get labelled as a 'bitter person'. To be honest, I'd probably dislike it even if I am in a relationship.

DIGRESSING -- this is a little prose-y poem-y piece I wrote about a boy, who is trying to figure out a girl. She's a little strange, a little hard to figure out, but she is who is she. I hope this piece kinda conveys the idea that slowly but surely, he might just figure her out... or enjoy the continuous process of doing so c:

More Caféwatch badge designs!!! This time we have Widowmaker and! Heh, I'm done with a Hanzo one but might need some polishing before finalizing the design. Next up I'll probably work on a Mei or Sombra one! Badges will be printed soon for any upcoming conventions! Once confirmed, I'll post some updates here too c:

So yea, now all my works - be it art or prose, will be documented and updated here! Also, I might start writing some guides as well - travel ones and otherwise. I really hope to reach out and connect with others through my work and this website! With that, どうぞよろしく!