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Monday, 11 May 2020 // 8:12 am

This lock-in at home is actually making me quite uncomfortable, much to my surprise.

As everyone is aware, COVID-19 is upon us and it is the first widespread pandemic that most of us are experiencing. I remembered learning about the pandemic in January and being slightly worried... but not too worried. I mean, it's so far from us, right? Plus, the world should be smart enough to handle it. Government officials, medical staff... they should have things under control! People are smart, they will stay safe and take precautions!


Singapore has 3 more weeks of country-wide lockdown at this time of typing.

We call it the CB - which OFFICIALLY stands for circuit breaker... and not that other dialect swear. I've always been a big homebody (much to the surprise of many) and I absolutely love staying home. But even a secret-semi-hikkikomori has it's limits. I want to go out, I want to do stuff! Visit museums, attend craft classes, hike and explore... but all in due time.

So, since we're stuck at home, I've been doing things that I usually won't have time for. I spend my time between work, personal work, and videogames! Like most of the gaming community, I've been spending the bulk of my videogame time playing Animal Crossing New Horizons! I've also been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 (after finishing Divinity 2, amazing game).

Sharing some ACNH screenshots.

No, Ribbot. It will never be Swoleville. 

My words when I left SG for University in England but how severely wrong I was. 

 Humble beginnings. Yes, I bought a Ni Hao shirt. 

 Visiting my sister's island. Momopicchu rep meets Appleseed rep!

 Big fish hunting with friends.

 Of course we had a Hanami party.

I love the sakura season!

Also, I'm immensely surprised and pleased at how well the ACNH has taken off! I've been an AC player since Wild World and I'm shocked at the reception for the newest title. AC has always been catered to quite a small group of players - the casual, real-time simmers. So I'm pretty happy that it has gained so much popularity now! Hopefully Nintendo is bolstered by the response and we will hopefully see more updates and content in the future c:

ON ANOTHER NOTE... I am kinda sad they removed Resetti's time travel lock. :c

Moving on... I left the personal work to the bottom because I think no one cares but I want to write it down for my own memory anyway, HEH. I've been working on a little visual book, and also with a friend on a secret project c: They're both quite ambitious undertakings but I'm hoping they bloom into fruition!

Of course, I will do my best to haul my lazy ass to post it here when I have updates to share.

Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy everyone!