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Monday, 29 June 2020 // 11:48 am

Hello everyone!

Finally, at long last, the fruit of my labour is finally complete.

Tai & Yoru is a sweet tale about two tree spirits who, by nature’s law, should never be able to communicate. But one Tai and one Yoru found a way to speak without voices. This is a short story about ephemeral connections, acceptance, and the bitter-sweetness of separation.

I spent months working on this, a story I’ve had in my brain ever since I was a mere teen with wistful dreams about being a novelist. This is my story baby, a little personal project that I’m proud to call my own!

The process of drawing this out was actually quite stressful. You see, I had forgotten that I only do art as a little hobby and that I am NOT capable at all of drawing out the vision I wanted for this little book. So yes, I do look at it and go AH, AMATEUR BABY PICS. My skills just wasn't where I wanted them to be. I did consider hiring and artist, but in the end I decided I wanted to fully call this baby my own. WELP, gotta live and suffer through my choices!

I am still happy I made this reality, though I could have saved myself a lot of time and pain by going the alternate route. Man, the nights I came home exhausted from Cheer practice/Dance practice/Work but still lugging myself to the PC to draw a few assets, paint some backgrounds, tweak the sketches... and the sense of pride after it's done, quite worth it I must say.

I wanted to sell these at Doujima this year but thanks to the current situation, I’m printing these to-order :) If you’d like your own copy, please click on the link below! Thank you so much for the support.

$18 per copy
6x5” little booklet
28 pages

Thank you to everyone who supported me thus far ♥️ 
Ya'll are real gems.