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Thursday, 29 December 2016 // 10:56 pm

So I was supposed to go back home for Christmas but due to unfortunate circumstances I was stuck (sorta) in the UK for what I thought was going to be a very lonely Christmas. But, thank goodness someone was stuck with me! My one and only Winnie, my Christmas buddy of the year.

... and we had absolutely no idea what to do, heh. So we decided to try and get into St Paul's Cathedral on the eve. Of course there was a horrendous queue and of course we didn't get it. However, we managed to take some pretty nifty shots outside.

Gratuitous shot of us on a random reflective surface. Hello Kitticorns!

We also tried Eggnog Latte from Starbucks and thought it tasted... weird. To quote ourselves: "It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either." I don't know, maybe because it was the -latte- version from Starbucks? Meh, I knew it didn't sound good but I didn't want to knock it till I've tried it.

After that, like I mentioned in the previous post, we went for Korean BBQ and it was glorious, although it could have had x1438263 more meat. I also felt the impending doom of a sore throat looming so I tried to eat as 'healthily' as possible. I blame it on myself for giving in to temptation, having bought a whole pack of After Eights and stuffing myself.

Blurry photo of Oxford Street lights. They were really quite pretty.

Yangnyeom chicken! Winnie is the best cook, for real. she cooked the chicken AND the kimchi fried rice. All I did was make cheesecake; which was a failure because I piled on too much biscuit base. It is the best part of a cheesecake!!! So it was what, Cheesecake ala Biscotti? No pictures because it was that bad. I only took a photo from the top for snapchat.

Halfway through cooking we wondered why we're putting ourselves through such hardship by cooking the meal on Christmas. All the regrets. But eh, when we started eating all our blood, sweat and tears were forgotten.

Oh, and the reason we had a Korean Christmas was because we wanted one and anyway I already had a traditional Christmas meal. It isn't my favourite type of cuisine; the best part was Yorkshire puddings with gravy.

Anyway yes, I shouldn't be having these because of the sore throat but it was Christmas! I risked it all. However I did medicate myself heavily after that meal. We also watched Zootopia & Princess Diaries on Christmas so overall I'd say it was a pretty amazing one. Thanks for having me over Winnie!

This is probably my last post for the year. It's kinda weird to think of it like that, huh. I did pretty well posting these past couple of weeks I must say-- maybe this will last? Jokes, I don't know how long this will last, hah. This is fun though, and I do miss documenting pieces of my life here. Who knows, 2017 may be the year I become active here.

Here's us with big googly eyes.

Until next year!