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Saturday, 14 January 2017 // 10:20 am

Happy 2017!

My new year started out really turbulent what with packing, tying up loose ends and trying to get my deposit back from my previous landlady (long, long story). But now as the date of my leaving draws close I've been doing my best to finish up whatever business I have left and enjoy my time here as much as I can.

So last Saturday I decided to take a little trip down to central as a little day off from packing, and also to run some errands. I had a nice meal at Camino's, a wonderful tapas restaurant hidden in a little square near King's Cross station, then caught A Monster Calls in cinema.

I was waiting for the film to come out for some time because PATRICK NESS!!! I love his stories ever since I read the Chaos Walking series (highly recommended, 10/10 must read). The movie was absolutely fantastic but mind you, I went into the cinema with only the expectation that the plot would be good but the overall film might leave me disappointed. However it surprised me with great story, great CGI and great everything. The bar has been set very high for 2017 films now!

This past week I've been meeting everyone here as much as I can before flying off this evening. I've tried so many new things in London and finally visited the Science Museum! Also had the most unique dining experience in my life at Bunga Bunga, which I will write about in a separate post to do it justice.

A part of me already miss the people I love, and the city I've grown to love and come to call my home away from home. But another part of me is excited; this means new adventures, new possibilities and tons of new people to meet. Plus, it's not like I'm saying goodbye forever! I'll be back here I'm sure, and the next time I'll be less poor and with stories about my life after London.

Next post after a 13 hour flight, heh.