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Sunday, 14 January 2018 // 11:36 am

Okaaaaaay so I kinda stopped posting travel posts because eh, I got tired of constantly having to keep up. I guess I was sort of putting pressure on myself to keep up with them previously, which was what made them so unenjoyable... but now, I'm gonna try just posting what I want to post instead of every single trip (who knows, I might enjoy it again and start posting'em regularly) and every single photo I thought was important - protip, they are not all important.

The main reason why I wanted to write this post is because I reaaaaallly wanted to share about my trip to köln! It was my first big trip in 2017, and I didn't choose köln either... I went there on business! Which was another exciting thing in itself because I've never traveled abroad for work before and this was sort of a milestone for me!

Plus, the destination was all the way in Germany!

I've been to Germany once before - Berlin, with one of my friends, and it left quite an impression on me. But, I remember not being too terribly excited about this one at all, HAHA. I think it was because I was way more enthusiastic about my Japan trip the following month. Moreover, it was only for 7 days, I think. I got there, rested for the day + did some set up, be present at the event for 5 days, and then flew back the day after. Thinking about the flights and the mad rush back then is making me feel tired, HAH.

I landed in Cologne before my colleague so I had time to check in to our accommodation and walk around before work stuff later in the noon. The biggest, and dare I say, only attraction of Cologne is probably the Cathedral, hahaha. I strolled around the city and got myself some chips and gelato (best pistachio gelato I've ever had in my life) before heading over to the kölnmesse. We had a döner, which is basically a kebab, for dinner and called it a day. Döners are amazing, by the way.

Oh my goodness, and alcohol is really dirt-cheap in the EU. Singapore, why oh why.

The next few days were convention days - Gamescom 2017! I was super excited for it because it's the largest gaming convention I've ever been to! The halls were HUGE! I was awestruck. I met many cool people there, and I loved the artist booths. My colleague and I also visited loads of networking parties, including one that was on a boat! We also managed to wriggle our way into a large gamescom party, hah, but that's a story for another time.

On the last day I had time in the morning before my night flight, so I visited a museum and toured the city for a bit before heading to the airport. Being the airhead that I sometimes am, I was nearly late for my flight due to time miscalculations (this happens more frequently than I'd like to admit). But thank the stars because I made it, yay!

Gamescom was such an amazing experience! I'm really grateful to be given this chance to travel abroad for work - I met so many people and learned many things about the gaming industry. It was also a lot of fun and I got to explore a city I've never been to before, which is a huge plus! This trip also renewed my love for Sauerkraut - I love it. Love love love.

I think köln was really one of my highlights for 2017, heh! I'll post soon about Tokyo Game Show, which was another highlight in 2017! At this point I think I'm just writing these posts for the sake of my own amusement because I don't think people actually read them (◔◡◔✿)